3 Traits of Unhappy People & The Mantras They Need

3 Traits of Unhappy People & The Mantras They Need

Everybody knows one…and sometimes we ARE one. That unhappy person who walks around with a rain cloud over their head, unable to see the beauty in each day. We’re not talking here about serious clinical depression, which deserves its own conversation, but simple habitual unhappiness and grumpiness. Subtle behavior shifts can help dramatically alter a person’s mood and disposition, and dramatic changes can alter the gloominess dramatically. Far from being a Polyanna approach to unhappiness, the practical tool of mantra can jump start energy into a person’s energetic field, interrupt the negative thought patterns of the habitual mind, and open the door to creating a life of happiness and prosperity. Try chanting mantra to change your core habits…and watch the changes in your life unfold. How to practice? For starters, just sing along…try 11 minutes of singing happily a day and expand from there.

Here are 3 traits of unhappy people that warrant a Rescue 911 Mantra emergency and the mantras that can bring their joy back to life.

1. Unhappy People Make a Habit of Negative Thinking

If you walk around criticizing everything and seeing the worst in all things, you are likely to see more and more of the bad. Similar to when your grandmother would scold you that if you crossed your eyes they would stay that way, if you cross your mind with negative thinking, your thought patterns are likely to form a habit and stay that way. The more negatively you think, the more negativity your mind will default to thinking, and suddenly the world will be a very dark place indeed. If you have a habit of seeing the bad in everything, you are likely to be an unhappy person. But when you are stuck in a negative spin cycle, how to get back to the good-feeling thought? How to shine sunshine into the darkness of your mind?

This mantra can help…
Jap Man Sat Nam Sada Sat Nam

This mantra basically says “Hey Brain! Remember the Truth.” And by that we mean the big “TRUTH”, that beyond the physical form and specific manifestations of this time and space, we are all ONE and that ONE is light and love and peace. So when your thoughts start spinning on the negative, this mantra is the gentle poke to remember the good…and to stay thinking of that. Use it or lose it.

2. Unhappy People are Excellent at the Blame & Shame Game

Very unhappy people are like gambling addicts, except that instead of gambling, they are addicted to the Blame & Shame Game, which is essentially a constant pulse of thoughts like “It’s Your Fault” or “It’s My Fault”, as if assigning blame can explain and justify why they are unhappy. Blaming your parents/spouse/boss for your unhappiness is convenient, as it takes the job of un-doing your unhappiness squarely off your shoulders. But its basically the same side of the same coin to say that you can’t possibly stop being unhappy because you deserve to be. Whoever you think is responsible for your unhappiness…stop. You see, unhappiness is NOT who you are. It may be a state you are experiencing, but its not the truth of who you are. Connecting to your spirit, and seeing the spirit in all people, can allow you to stop blaming others and shaming yourself.

The mantra to help with that?

Hummee Hum Brahm Hum

This mantra essentially means “We are We. And we are God.” It tells your subconscious mind to snap out of it. We’re all one, and we’re all One Spirit. Blaming and shaming has no place in a life connected to Spirit. The more Spirit floods into you, the less these thoughts and patterns will be able to get any foothold into your thoughts. Fill yourself up with Spirit and let the rest drop away.

3. Unhappy People Have a Lack Mentality

Some people who are chronically unhappy seem to think that everyone else is getting the life of their dreams but not them. They get into a habit of thinking that there is a finite amount of –happiness, money, joy, abundance — (fill in the blank), and this false belief in the finite nature of the Universe causes them to become jealous of others and shut down their own access to the flow of Good. If you want MORE, then you have to appreciate what you already have, because even if you fought against the flow of your own resistance to getting more, it wouldn’t feel like MORE until you were already grateful and happy. So you might as well start with being grateful and happy and recognizing the infinite flow of the Universe right where you are.

Want a mantra to help you connect to your abundant self?

Bountiful Beautiful Blissful Am I.

At first it might feel a little hokey, but I promise if you stick with it and relax into the flow of these words of power, you will flow into a space of joy, prosperity and downright feeling good. Because the trick is, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, to literally reprogram the subconscious after however long you’ve been saying you are broke, ugly and miserable, then you’ve got to put a new code into your system to believe a different thought. Recoding might be time consuming, but it really does consume less time that being perpetually unhappy. So get down to the chanting…and change!