The Path To Radical Self Love

“[Ramdesh] is a force of light on this planet…if you’re not inspired by this, I’d be shocked.”

– Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0

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The Body Temple

Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders, and Radical Self-Love

 Your body is a temple. If you want to feel good, love yourself, and heal your relationship with your body, this book is for you. If you have struggled to love your own body, been crippled by feelings of low self-esteem or battled an eating disorder, this book is a gift to heal you and your sense of self.

Written for both the total beginner and the advanced yogi, The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders, and Radical Self-Love guides you through a nurturing practice of yoga, meditation, mantra, and miracles.

In this beautiful book, you will be guided to fall in love with your own Body Temple through….

  • Yogic techniques to reset your body’s systems and restore your health and well-being.
  • Meditations and breathing exercises for self-confidence and body acceptance.
  • Simple tools to empower you to overcome your food addictions and eating disorders.
  • Recipes and lifestyle tips for living a healthier, more balanced life.
  • Prepare for a healing journey as you create a daily practice to help change your life.
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The Body Temple

Guided Meditation CD

Known for her gentle yet powerfully soothing voice, Ramdesh Kaur guides these beautiful meditations to allow you to heal your relationship with your body, align your self-image in Truth, and fall in love with yourself like never before. With Delta Wave music and binaural beats created by musician Ram Dass Khalsa to enhance the power of the meditations, this CD will take you on a journey of healing, allowing you to love and accept yourself fully, and embrace your body as the temple that it truly is.

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