A Mantra to Know God

A Mantra to Know God

All souls incarnate with love. It might manifest as a great love for a person, a passion for an art form, or a purpose driven mission, but from the soul level, all of these loves stem from the great love. Every passion in our life springs from a passion for the Creative Infinite, known by many as God.

For some, God becomes dissociated. It’s taken on the form of a man in the clouds, or this or that deity, and if they can’t connect with that image of the Infinite or feel constrained rather than inspired by the structure of that form of worship, they can take on the thinking that God therefore isn’t for them. If it doesn’t ring true for them, it won’t feel true, and so God gets pushed away.

The trick here for a God Connection from a humanist perspective is to remember that there’s no single way to see God. There are an infinite number of manifestations or characterizations of the Divine. As Guru Nanak sang, “A thousand are thy forms and yet thou hast no form.” The Creative Infinite can take on whatever aspect you need to connect with it, if you open yourself up to the connection.

One way to feel closeness to the Infinite is to chant directly to it, but to it in a form that feels personal and immediate. The mantra “Mere Ram” essentially means “My God” or “Beloved God” (similar to the English Dear God, but without the connotation its taken on as an exclamation of dismay). It’s like calling God your sweetheart and bringing this energy of creation straight into your Heart. Ram refers to God in the physical form, so it brings the God energy clear and presently to your side.

For many, it creates a tangible closeness to the Infinite and brings deep solace to the heart.
There’s nothing complex to do here. Just chant. Then chant again. And open your heart to feeling closeness to the Creator, right where you are.