Mantra to Quiet the Mind

Mantra to Quiet the Mind

“Oh my mind, meditate on God’s name!  God’s name is the truth of my identity.”

Imagine if you told your mind this everyday. Imagine if your whole life shifted so that instead of a constant stream of thoughts about what isn’t going right, what you have to do, what you want to be different, you grounded your thoughts in a remembrance of the Divine. Imagine if every day was filled with thoughts of gratitude, abundance, and peace.

How do you get to that point? How do you get from chaos to peace of mind? Byron Katie says, “The end of the war of the mind will be the end of war.” Once we can get to a place of internal peace, we will experience it in the external. There are many paths to this. Kundalini yoga is just one way of quieting the mind, but it is highly effective.

The practice of mantra hypnotizes the mind into a state of tranquility. In fact, each mantra trains the mind to function in a specific way, like entering code into a computer to get it to perform a particular function. One of the mantras that contains the code for calming the mind is “Bhaja Man Mere.”

Here’s the full mantra:

Bhaja Man Mere Hari Ka Nam, Hari Ka Nam Sat Nam.

This translates to, “Oh my mind, meditate on God’s name! God’s name is the truth of my identity.”

It’s a beautiful and peaceful mantra, and one that when chanted trains the mind to become tranquil.