Why Chant Mantra?

Why Chant Mantra?

Chanting a mantra either silently or out loud is a method of directing the mind. All of our emotions (sorrow, joy, bitterness, elation) are vibratory frequencies.  You can call them beliefs, attitudes, whatever you want, but fundamentally they are vibratory patterns and the determine the program played by our mind.  So much of what we interact with as “reality” is the program our mind is playing.  Our vibratory pattern determines how we feel about everything that we are experiencing.  We can choose of course, how we feel in any moment by choosing our thoughts and helping that thought to be dominant.

We chant constantly, even if we aren’t aware of it.  Chanting can look like “I’m fat, I’m so fat, I’m too fat for anything or anyone” if that is what we are replaying in our brain.  If every other word out of our mouth is “I don’t have enough money for (fill in the blank)” then that, too, is the vibratory pattern we are sending across our minds.  When we consciously chant a mantra we are invoking its specific vibratory resonance and placing it into our mind’s field.  So if the mantra is for prosperity, peace, happiness, intuition or any multitude of other marvelous things, that is the vibratory pattern we are establishing in our field. It doesn’t actually matter if we know the meaning of the mantra; it will still have an effect.  The sounds themselves are encoded with meaning and vibratory range.  Huh?  Yup.  It’s not all about belief.  Nor is it placebo.  It’s a matter of the universe itself using certain frequencies to manifest things.  Mantras were developed by those who could hear and understand the language of the universe.  They then blossomed forth these combination of sounds to harness specific vibratory patterns and allow us to mirror them back to the universe in its own language of sound, light and energy.

A deep understanding of mantra requires a deep understanding of our world.  Everything is energy.  Everything is vibrating energy.  Even those things like rocks, cars, and wood piles are vibrating, not just you, me and musical notes.  Everything is zinging away on a frequency. Some vibrations are high; some are low.  The highest vibration of all is that which some call God and other call “The Universe” or “Universal Love Intelligence” or “All That Is” or “A Higher Power.”  The name itself doesn’t matter, only its high vibratory field.  The higher we vibrate the closer we come to union with it.  We literally raise our own vibrations to sync up with the highest vibration of all.  And this union is the entire meaning of “Yoga”, which is why in Kundalini yoga, mantra and chanting are so highly prized.

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